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Grande sucesso de vendas online, a Amazon é uma livraria exclusivamente virtual - não tem lojas. Possui catálogo de 3 milhões de livros. Livraria on-line onde é possível fazer suas compras através da Internet com o seu cartão de crédito de forma rápida e segura. São milhões de títulos dos mais variados temas para você escolher e receber em sua casa através do correio. Amazon também vende discos (CDs, DVDs, LDs, Tapes, Vídeos). Sua loja de discos tem mais de 100 mil títulos catalogados: Rock, Dance, Pop, Jazz, MPB, Clássicos, etc. Cartões de Crédito: American Express,  MasterCard, Visa.

Site perfeitamente seguro para suas compras com cartão de crédito! Company Information

" is an extraordinary company, doing business on the Web in a real customer-oriented way." Martin customer, Schoenenwerd, Switzerland

Where We Started
We opened our virtual doors in July of 1995 with a mission to use the Internet to offer products that educate, inform, and inspire. We decided to build an online store that would be customer-friendly and easy to navigate and would offer the broadest possible selection.

Where We Are Today
Today we offer 3 million books, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, computer games, and more. Though we've grown considerably since our early days, we maintain the same mission and commitment to our customers, and we're proud to say that the 3 million people in more than 160 countries who have bought from have made us the leading online shopping site.

What We Do is more than just a store. We offer our extensive book and music catalogs as well as a variety of other resources including customer reviews, personal recommendations, and gift suggestions. When you visit you can:

Management Team

Seattle, Washington, Inc. is a publicly traded company. NASDAQ: AMZN