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Aqui você faz suas compras de software com segurança!

In November of 1994, began selling software over the Internet. Back then, we were three employees working above a barbershop in Menlo Park, California who thought the Internet would be a great place to set up a software store.

Today, the lobby of our corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California is decorated with a red-white-and-blue barbershop pole. Upstairs, we have a green leather-and-chrome barbershop chair. Although we don't give haircuts, we try to give our customers the same friendly service, convenience and value people came to count on from their neighborhood barber.

Lots of people help us in that endeavor. We offer a great selection of software products -- more than 33,000 titles - thanks to the 350 publishers, including Adobe, Lotus, McAfee, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems and Symantec, whose products we offer. We sell thousands of popular consumer titles from publishers such as Sierra and The Learning Company.

Every day, more people see us on the Internet thanks to our partners, including America Online, Excite, Microsoft and Netscape Communications, whose brands are some of the best known on the Internet. We run software stores on the Internet such as Netscape's Software Depot and a Microsoft Superstore. We currently have 1500 companies in our Affiliates Program.

Our company successfully went public in June 1998 thanks to our investors who share our vision that the Internet is an ideal place to buy software. Our shares now trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol "BYND".

Our customers run households, make government agencies more efficient and manage enterprises of all sizes. Although they use software in different ways, all of our customers believe that software helps you work smarter, play harder and teaches your kids. Regardless of how software improves your life, thank you for choosing